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Gemini Pro Head Belt

  • $1995
  • Save $1004

Gemini's Pro Head Belt allows you to comfortably turn your bike light into a head lamp for skiing, running, hiking or any situation wear hands free lighting is needed. Wide straps hold the light securely. The wire management system routes the wires to the rear.

There are 2 version of the Head Belt, one for the Xera and one for the Titan.
(The Titan belt holds the light slightly farther from your forehead)
The Xera will fit the Titan belt but Titan may not tilt up far enough when used with the Xera belt.
The Xera belt also allows you to attach the battery to the rear bracket while the Titan belt has a wire anchor on the rear bracket and is intended to be use with an extension cable allowing you to carry the battery in a pack or jersey pocket.

Both will also fit all Magicshine headlights except the MJ-880

NOTE: The Titan belts are grey with black lettering, the Xera belts are black with white lettering.

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