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Gloworm Lights come with a 2 year warranty on the light head. All other parts have a 1 year warranty.

All Gemini Lights have a 1 year warranty on all components. 

Magicshine lights sold by Action LED Lights come with a 1 year warranty on the lights and 6 month on batteries.

Repair and warranty service is provided by Action LED Lights in Rockford, IL

We are an authorized service center for Gloworm and Gemini lights and can provide warranty or repair service regardless of where you purchased your light. Proof of purchase is required for warranty claims.

We only warranty Magicshine lights sold by Action LED Lights though we can service them regardless of where they are purchase. Service fee will apply as with out of warranty products.

Please contact us at: to arrange for returns


Need Help choosing which light is best for you? Take a look at the charts below or contact us for assistance.

To compare weight, battery run time etc, see our - 
Bike light Comparison Chart

We've test all the lights we sell, and a few others, to see how the light they produce is distributed. The results are shown in our -

Beam Pattern Comparisons


Product Manuals:

General Li-ion Battery Care


Basic Instructions – All Light Sets

Light and Battery Mounting – All Light Sets

Advanced Operation and Programming – All Light Sets

Battery Care, Indication and Charging – All Light Sets

Runtime/Lumen Matrix – All Light Sets

TX (Wireless Remote) Instructions – 2018 X2, 2018 X2 Adventure

Gloworm X1 v1

Gloworm X2 v2

Gloworm X1 v2

Gloworm X2 v3

Gloworm XS

Gloworm CX Urban

Gloworm CX Trail

For the new CX see: Advanced Operation and Programming – All Light Sets

2015 Gemini Xera

2015 Gemini Xera Flashlight

2015 Gemini DUO

2015 Gemini Olympia 

2016 Gemini Xera

2016 Gemini Duo

2016 Gemini Olympia

2016 Gemini Titan

2016 Gemini Xera Flashlight

2016 Gemini Iris Tail light

2020 Gemini Battery Charging and Fuel Gauge

Serfas E-LUME





Magicshine Helmet Mount Instructions