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Q. What is your Warranty policy?

A. All Gemini products are covered by a one year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer defects. It does not cover damage caused by accidents, misuse or other external causes. Action LED Lights is a authorized service center for Gemini Lights. If you should have an issue with any Gemini product you can contact us to arrange for service, regardless of were you purchased your light.

Gloworm lights are covered by a 2 year warranty. The battery, charger and all other accessories for one year.

In warranty service is no charge. Depending on time since purchase, you may be responsible for the shipping to return it to our Portland OR warehouse. We will inspect it and repair or replace it as necessary and get it back to you as soon as possible.
Out of warranty service is available too. Contact us to discuss the problem before shipping anything to us. Perhaps we can diagnose the problem over the phone or through E-mail and offer a simple solution. If the product must be returned we will diagnose the problem and provide you with an estimate before proceeding.

Q. What if I'm not happy with the light I have purchased?

A. We strive to give you the best customer service possible. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return new, unused product to us for a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping) within 90 days of the purchase date. Or you can trade in for a different light and get free shipping on the replacement. Used, undamaged product can be returned for store credit only, within 30 days of delivery.  
See our Returns Policy for more information. 

You must Contact Us for a Return Authorization before sending your return or exchange.

Q. How do I choose which light is best for me?

A. To help you in your selection see our Bike light Comparison Chart. and/or Beam Patterns

Q. Can I use your lights with a Dynamo Hub?

A. A dynamo hub puts out a limited amount of power compared to what most of our lights need. The new Gemini Atlas 500 Road is the one most suited to use with a dynamo. It has an internal battery so you won't go dark when you stop and will charge via a USB cable when your moving. The Gloworm CX is the other option. At 1200 lumens the hub would not be able to keep up with it's power requirements but you could charge during the day or run it on a lower setting.

Q. Can I charge my battery with a Dynamo Hub?

A. To charge most of our batteries requires 8.4V so unless you had a DC to DC step up circuit you would not be able to charge. However, the new Gemini batteries can charge through a integrated USB-C port. These batteries also let you charge from the USB port.

Q. Which battery is best for me?

A. First, all of the batteries we sell will work with any of the lights we sell. The one to choose depends on the length of your rides, the light or lights you are running, how rough of use it will get, and how weight conscience you are.
The mAh rating is a measurement of the capacity of the battery pack. A 5400mAh pack has 23% more energy stored in it than a 4400mAh pack so your run times will be 23% longer. If a light comes with a 6800mAh battery and has a 3 hour run time if you use a 3400mAh pack your will have a 1.5 hour run time and a 5400mAh pack will give a 2.4 hour run time.
The final factor is quality. While all the batteries we sell are UL rated and very good quality, the Panasonic and Samsung batteries will provide longer life in years or number of charge cycles.

Q. Can I replace individual cells in my battery pack?

A. First, all of the hardshell packs we sell are sealed shut and cannot be opened.
Replacing cells is not as easy as it may seem. For the cells in a pack to all charge properly they must be very closely matched otherwise one cell may get over charged while another is not fully charged. There are 2 problems with this. A Li-ion cell that gets overcharged or over discharged can become unstable and explode or catch fire. To protect against that the pack has a protection circuit in it that monitors the voltage of the cells and shuts off the discharge when any cell in the pack (or parallel pair) reaches 2.75V. It also shuts off the charge at 4.2V per cell.
Because of that the strongest cell controls the charge and the weakest cell controls the discharge and as the pack is used the imbalance between cells become greater with each cycle.
The only way around that is to use a battery holder that uses 4 individually protected 18650’s and charge each cell independently. Then you would need a 4 place charger or 2 of the 2 place ones we sell. We do not sell a battery holder

Q. I want a different battery with my light than what comes standard. Can I trade?

A. Yes, there is an option in most of the listing to upgrade the battery. If you would like a combination that is not listed contact us and we'll put together a custom package.

Q. I am a member of a club. Can we get a discount on a group order?

A. Put together a list of any combination of lights and accessories you are interested in and we'll give you a quote. Discounts start with a purchase of 5 lights.

Q. Do you ship Internationally?

A. Yes, we ship worldwide. Put the items you are interested in into the cart and in the first page there is a shipping calculator that will give you all your carrier options.

USPS First Class International is the lowest cost but it is also the slowest and only has tracking to the following countries:

• Australia.
• Belgium.
• Brazil.
• Croatia.
• Denmark.
• France.
• Germany.
• Great Britain.
• Ireland.
• Israel.
• Netherlands.
• New Zealand.
• Spain.
• Sweden.
• Switzerland

There are a few countries who's internal postal systems are very poor (you probably know if it's yours) For those we recommend using FedEx, DHL or USPS Priority or Priority Express.

Q. When will you ship my order?

We certainly try to get every order out as quickly as possible. And we will always email or text tracking information immediately upon shipment. But please keep in mind we are a small company and we sometimes get a lot of orders all at once. Especially in the dark months. 
To that end:
FREE SHIPPING orders will be processed as fast as possible - typically between 1-2 business days, and shipped via most economical service, depending on destination. 

USPS Priority Mail orders will be processed as fast as possible - typically same day, but it can be up to 2 business days.

USPS Priority EXPRESS orders will be processed and shipped same day, if received BEFORE 2 PM Pacific Time. Otherwise these orders will be processed and shipped the following business day.

FED EX Ground orders will be processed as fast as possible - typically same day, but it can be up to 2 business days.

FED EX 2-Day orders will be processed and shipped same day, if received BEFORE 1 PM Pacific Time. Otherwise these orders will be processed and shipped the following business day.

FED EX Overnight (US Domestic) orders will be processed and shipped same day, if received BEFORE 1 PM Pacific Time. Otherwise these orders will be processed and shipped the following business day.

INTERNATIONAL Orders will be processed as fast as possible, with respect to their shipping services' time restrictions. These orders will be shipped via shipping service selected by you the customer at checkout. Processing times may vary.

If you have questions about shipping options, rates, or transit time please contact us before placing your order.

Please refer to our Shipping Policy for more information