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Gloworm Power Pack (G2.0)

  • $11600

Gloworm's newly redesigned battery - Power Pack - is a giant step forward in capacity, usability and performance.

Power Pack's 5000mAH or 10,000mAH capacity extends your run time further than before so you can keep on pedalling even longer. The sleek polycarbonate outer shell sits neatly against your bike frame or in your hydration pack. The single USB-C port gives you easy charging capability with the supplied Gloworm USB 20W charger (45W fast charger is available), as well as providing power bank options* when you need to top up your phone, GPS or other electronics. And the OLED display keeps you in the know, monitoring battery levels and expected run time. And integrated silicone frame bumpers on Power Pack protect your precious frame.

*PLEASE NOTE: Power Pack is not cross-compatible with older Gloworm (or other brands) lights and may require a USB adapter to work with some accessory USB devices and cables, depending on the cable/device.

Power Pack 5 – 5000mAH @ 8.4v
Power Pack 10 – 10000mAH @ 8.4v

Charge Times – from 0%
Power Pack 5 Gloworm 20W Charger – 2 hrs 40min;  Gloworm 45W Charger – 1hr 45min
Power Pack 10 Gloworm 20W Charger – 5hrs 15min; Gloworm 45W Charger – 3hr 30min

Power Pack charge can be tested at any time by tipping the battery on its end (non-connector end) for about 3-4 seconds. This will activate the OLED display to show the battery charge graphic. The OLED display will turn off after 30 seconds.



    • Power Pack 5 - 50mm(W) x 31mm(H) x 85mm(L) | 200g
    • Power Pack 10 - 50mm(W) x 31mm(H) x 156mm(L) | 360g
    • USB-C (Custom connector)
    • OLED Display
    • Output to light = Max 30W
    • Input - Any USB C (Device will manage input autonomously to a max 30W)
  • Power bank function - Max 18W



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