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Gloworm XSV (G2.0) 3600 Lumen Light Set

  • $38900

Gloworm’s most powerful light just got better (and brighter)!

The XSV (G2.0) leads the way with its 3600 lumen output, new features and unrivaled performance. The combination of Gloworm's brightest light and largest Power Pack ever creates a package that is hard to beat. Customization of the beam pattern and light output allow you to set up the Gloworm XSV(G2.0) to suit your desired runtime and trail conditions. Its relative small form factor and multiple mounting options give you the flexibility to setup the light how you need it most. The XSV will change the way you ride at night!


  •  3600 lumen output (real, not theoretical)
  •  Customizable with Gloworm LINK
  •  501g total light set weight
  •  3 optic system (2 x spot/1 x honeycomb)
  •  Waterproof to IP67 – that’s really, really wet!
  •  2 hr. run time on MAX power
  •  Wireless TX remote included
  •  Power Pack 10 – 10000mAH fast charge battery* w/ power bank capability
  •  3 – CREE XHP 35.2 emitters
  •  ~5 hour battery charge time w/ 20W charger
  •  OLED Power Pack display
  •  Overheat protection

      *G1.0 and G2.0 remotes and batteries are not interchangeable


    What’s new with G2.0?
    Super bright output – all G2.0 lights have upped their output
    Bluetooth control unit – sleek new handlebar mounted wireless remote
    Gloworm LINK –  pre-program brightness and manage runtime on your smartphone before you hit the trails
    Power Pack – newly redesigned battery packs featuring more capacity, an OLED display and USB fast charging, a power bank capability
    Waterproof USB-C connections - light head and Power Pack
    Customizable  beam settings – up to 4 light levels and pattern for each - fixed or flashing


    Power Pack
    Gloworm's newly redesigned battery - Power Pack - is a giant step forward in capacity, usability and performance. With a capacity 5000mAH or 10,000mAH, Power Pack extends your run time further than before, so you can keep on pedalling even longer. The sleek polycarbonate outer shell sits neatly against your bike frame or in your hydration pack. The single USB-C port gives you easy charging capability with the supplied Gloworm USB 20W charger (45W fast charger is available), as well as providing power bank options when you need to top up your phone, GPS or other electronics. And the OLED display keeps you in the know, monitoring battery levels and expected run time. And integrated silicone frame bumpers on Power Pack protect your precious frame.

    Power Pack 5 – 5000mAH @ 8.4v
    Power Pack 10 – 10000mAH @ 8.4v

    Charge Times – from 0%
    Power Pack 5 Gloworm 20W Charger – 2 hrs 40min;  Gloworm 45W Charger – 1hr 45min
    Power Pack 10 Gloworm 20W Charger – 5hrs 15min; Gloworm 45W Charger – 3hr 30min


    Gloworm LINK Mobile App
    Customization at your fingertips with the Gloworm LINK App. All G2.0 Gloworm Lights are compatible with LINK to makes customization of your light simple and convenient. The app allows you to select from 4 light levels in both fixed or flash modes. The fixed beam mode is programmable from 1-100% output. And special mode gives you three distinct flash patterns to choose from. LINK also gives you visibility of current battery charge levels and diagnostic information. As you adjust the light level intensity you will be able to see how long a full battery will last at that brightness, allowing you to manage the light's run time around your ride time, not the other way around. Plus you can name each of your lights in the app and see what is happening with your batteries across multiple lights.

    Default Settings
    Low (20%) / Medium (70%) / High (100%).
    Special mode: Disrupted flash pattern

    Special mode is activated by double clicking the button when the light is off. This allows the user to conduct any outdoor activity without having to cycle through the special mode and having an interruption of a steady light beam. The light is turned off by holding the button for approximately 2 seconds.

    Gloworm Link is currently available for download in the Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. Check out the Gloworm Link app demo video for more information.


    TX Bluetooth Remote
    The Gloworm TX (BT) remote to control your bluetooth-capable (G2.0) Gloworm X2, X2 Adventure, XS or XSV (G1.0 and G2.0 remotes are not interchangeable).

    The TX (BT) can control one light or multiple lights in any combination. The TX has 2 buttons, A and B – In the most basic setup, one light is paired to one button, either A or B.

    Multiple lights can be paired to the same button at the same time, resulting in lights operating simultaneously. Alternatively, buttons A and B can be paired to different lights, providing independent control of each light.


    What's in the box?

    • XSV (G2.0)Light-head*
    • TX (G2.0) Bluetooth Remote
    • Power Pack 10 (10000 mAH) battery w/ built in OLED display
    • 20W USB C Charger
    • Power Cables - Regular and Large
    • QR Helmet mount bracket
    • QR Helmet mount (compatible w/ GoPro mount systems)
    • 35mm QR Bar Mount with Adapter for 31.8mm**
    • USB-C Adapter for Power Pack - for use with other USB-C (PD) devices
    • USB Type A Adapter for Power Pack
    • Hex keys (for changing mounting brackets)
    • Velcro straps for helmet and battery mounting
    • Hardware pack
    • Spare Optics  - spot, honeycomb, and wide 

    *"LIGHT HEAD SET only" option includes all of the above except the Power Pack and USB adapters for the Power Pack

    ** HANDLEBAR CLAMP SIZE: 31.8mm is the most common size but many newer bikes with wider or heavy-duty bars are 35mm. We still offer individual 31.8mm and 35mm QR Bar Mounts for folks who have older light sets or multiple bikes. 

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