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Wide Angle Lens - RED

  • $395

Our popular Wide Angle Lens, now in RED

Want a high power tail light?

Have you upgraded from that MJ-808 or Gemini Titan and have an extra headlight laying around? Turn it into a tail light that won't be missed.

Our Wide Angle Lens changes the standard 10 degree beam into a 10 degree by 30 degree beam. It spreads the light only horizontally, not up into the eyes of those riding behind you or onto your tire were you don't need it. The 30 degree spread makes it highly visible to any approaching car.

Sized to fit the Gemini Titan or Magicshine MJ-808/808E/808U.
Will also fit many similar lights on the market today.
Lens diameter 39mm x 1mm thick

It installs by simply unscrewing the bezel that holds the current lens and replacing it with the new wide angle lens.

Please note: for some off brand lights the stock lens is made from a thicker glass. To use our Wide Angle lens with these lights you will need to take up the extra thickness. This can be done by adding one of our replacement tempered glass lenses in front of the wide angle lens. (which has the added advantage of protecting it) or with an extra Bezel O-Ring. You can add one of these O-rings to your order below.

A rear facing mount can be achieved by strapping a helmet mount to the rails of your seat or the frame below your seat (works well if you have split seat stays) Could also be mounted on the side of the seat tube. (See photos)

Manufactured by Action LED Lights in the USA

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