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Upgrade to MJ-6030 5600mAh Battery Pack

Upgrade to MJ-6030 5600mAh Battery Pack

  • $1900

Add this item to your cart to upgrade the 4400mAh MJ-6038 battery in your set to the 5600mAh MJ-6030 battery

Note: purchase of a Magicshine set containing an MJ-6038 battery is required. You cannot buy this item by itself.

Magicshine's 5600mAh battery pack built from 4 Samsung brand 18650 Li-ion rechargeable cells with an integrated battery management circuit. 

Fits all versions of Magicshine or Gemini bike lights.

Can also work with Gloworm lights but be aware that Gloworm puts their fuel gauge on the battery so with this battery you will not have a fuel gauge.

1 year warranty