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MJ-6036A, B, C Magicshine 6 cell Battery pack

  • $9195

MAGICSHINE MJ-6036A, B, C (6.6Ah,8.4Ah, 9.3Ah)

MJ-6036A - This hardshell 6600mAh battery pack comes standard with the MJ-880.
The included rubber straps secure it to your frame or handlebar stem.
(strap it into a water bottle cage for added security)

Built of 6 - 2200mAh 18650 Li-ion cells in a 2s3p configuration to give 7.4v nominal, 8.4v maximum.

MJ-6036B uses 6 Samsung 2800mAh cells for a total of 8.4Ah

MJ-6036C uses 6 Panasonic 3100mAh cells for a total of 9.3Ah

All three are 14.1oz
3.5" x 2.6" x 2.0"

The connectors on this battery are slightly different than those on all other Magicshine or Gemini lights. But you can plug other lights into this battery. The connection just won't quite be water tight. Powering an MJ-808E this would give you close to 5 hours of run time on high.

Click for a comparison of the 2 plugs.
and a standard plug inserted into a 880 socket

With the MJ-6070 adapter it will fit all other Magicshine or Gemini lights

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