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Gloworm CX Trail

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Tired of wires? The new Gloworm CX does away with them and is loaded with features. 
It's available in 2 versions. The 900 lumen CX Urban and the 1300 lumen CX Trail.
Common features include the following:

  • Aluminum housing that's sturdy and provides ample cooling area
  • Internal 2 cell Li-ion battery that's easily changed without tools
  • Dual Beam light with interchangeable optics to customize the beam pattern (Spot-Spot and Spot-Wide included)
  • USB rechargeable with included cable (micro USB)
  • Optional wired remote switch (included) that plugs into the USB port
  • Doubles as a USB Power Bank to charge your phone, Garmin or other similar device, even while using the light. (note: due to Apple's proprietary wiring this feature does not work with an iPhone)
  • Can be charged from a Dyno-hub, even while using the light.
  • Fully Programable using the same interface as the X1, X2 and XS
  • Makes a great take anywhere do anything flashlight

Mounting Options: Both lights come with options to mount on the bar or helmet.
The bar mount clamps onto the bar and has a 1/4 turn quick release bracket (Garmin style) to engage the light making it easy to pop the light off and slip it in your pocket.
For helmet mounting the light has an interchangeable GoPro style clamp mount bracket which can mount to any GoPro mount or to the included Quick-Release mount and base. Some helmets now come with this Quick-Release base built in or we have additional self-adhesive or strap-on versions available.

    CX Trail Features:

    • 2 CREE XM-L2 led's producing 1300 lumens of light (actual test results)
    • 7.4oz (210gm)
    • 2.5 hours runtime (at 100% power with included 3400mAh battery)

    Note: The battery for the Urban and Trail are interchangeable

    Urban vs Trail comparison:

    Complete manuals for the lights can be found HERE.

    Both are the same size and weight and share all features except for light output and beam pattern. 
    Both have the same runtime due to the larger capacity battery in the Trail version. The high capacity Trail battery can be used in the Urban for longer runtimes. 

    Beam Patterns:

    We ran both lights through our standard beam pattern test. The results are shown below in graphical form.

    In Summary:
    Though both lights use the same optics the Urban's XP-G2 led's produce a tighter beam that gives it more throw even though it has less total light output. This could be preferred for those wishing to use the light for helmet mounting along with a wide beam light on the bar. The Urban's beam can be widened by installing the included spot-wide optic giving it a general purpose beam. The Trail version provides more peripheral light which makes it a good helmet or bar light, particularly if it's your only light.



    Here is a great video from Gloworm on the basic features of the CX

    Gloworm CX Series: CX Trail and CX Urban



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