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Gemini Iris Rear Light, 180 Lumens

  • $5999

Be Visible with up to 180 Lumens.

With 180 lumens, the incredibly small, yet powerful, Gemini IRIS LED Rear Light will let other road users know exactly where you are, allowing you to ride your bike with confidence.

Seat Post and Clip Mounts Included.

Use the seat post mount with o-ring attachment to quickly mount the Gemini IRIS to your bike, or opt for the clip mount to secure it to your backpack. 

Built-In USB Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery.

The Gemini IRIS is powered by a high capacity lithium ion battery. A quick 90 minutes of charging through a USB port will get you up and going again with a full battery.

12-Hour Runtime with a Smart Battery Indicator.

Designed as a high performance safety light, the Gemini IRIS will last a full 12-hours of continuous usage. Ride through your nightly commute comfortably, and when it's time to charge, the indicator will let you know.

​User Programmable Brightness Levels.

To give you ultimate control, we've designed the Gemini IRIS to be user programmable and given you four flash modes to play with. For each mode, you can choose your preferred brightness with adjustable levels of 10, 30, 50, 100 and 180 lumens.

Technical Specifications

Brightness 180 Lumens
Weight 42g
Battery and Runtime 900mAh Lithium Ion Battery.
Built-In Battery Level Indicator.
Four Modes Low Flash, High Flash.
Low Pulse, High Pulse.
Adjustable brightness levels 10-180 lumens.
Material Hard Anodized Aluminum
Safety Low Battery Warning and Battery Overcharge Protection.
In the Box IRIS Rear Light
USB Charging Cable
Seat Post Mount and Clip Mount
Silicone O-Rings

Run Time

Lumen Output Flash Mode Pulse Mode
180L 1 hr 2 hrs
100L 2 hrs 4 hrs
50L 4 hrs 8 hrs
30L 7 hrs 14 hrs
10L 11 hrs 22 hrs

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