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2017 Gloworm XS 2500 Lumen Light Set

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We found one of these older lights in the warehouse. This was the latest version just before going wireless. Comes with a full warranty.    

The Flagship light of the Gloworm suite, the Gloworm XS Light System (2500 Lumens) retains the small form factor expected of a Gloworm but with a powerful 2500 lumen output.

The XS can be mounted on either bar (with the included QR Mount) or helmet, and is so lightweight it can even be worn with a headstrap! This light is ready for anything you can throw at it, a perfect combination of brightness, weight, runtime and value. The XS is poised to make waves in cycling community.

  • The Gloworm XS has one of the best light output vs. size vs. weight ratios in the world!
  • Light head is only 110g!
  • Designed in New Zealand.
  • Intelligent Mode Technology


  •   2500 Lumens (Real, not theoretical output)
  •   IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) technology
  •   330g total system weight with battery pack
  •   Waterproof to IP66
  •   6800 mAH Lithium Ion Hard Case Battery with 4 Panasonic cells
  •   3 x Cree XML-2 U2 LED emitters – the latest generation of Cree emitters
  •   3 optic system
  •   2 hr runtime on Maximum power
  •   Up to 36 hours at it's lowest, 250 lumen setting
  •   5hr battery charge
  •   Remote switch

The XS is delivered in a hard-shell carry case.  The contents of the case are:

  •   Lithium Ion Battery Smart Charger
  •   Extension Cable
  •   Light Head
  •   Alloy/Polycarbonate Helmet Mount
  •   31.8mm Carbon Composite Quick Release Handlebar Mount
  •   Li-ion Battery Pack 6800mAh (sealed case) using 4 Panasonic Li-ion cells
  •   Spare optics

Additional Functions:

  •   Battery mounted power monitor
  •   Light will flash to warn of critical battery level
  •   IMT Technology
  •   Overheat Protection

IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) Programmes

IMT defines the Gloworm ethos of versatility. IMT provides the freedom to use the Gloworm light in the default settings or to completely customise for ultimate personalisation.

Trail – Low>Medium>High.  Special mode>Super Dim (all programmable to the users requirements)

Commute – Low>High. Special mode>Flash (2Hz) (all programmable to the users requirements)

Special modes are activated by holding down the button for 2 sec.  This allows the user to conduct any outdoor activity without having to cycle through the special mode and having an interuption of a steady light beam.  Additionally, the XS is shut down by holding the button for appx 5sec.  IMT gives you the flexibility of refined programmes and modes without needing to access them every time you go from High mode back to low.

All output levels are user programable (see MANUAL for details) making this light highly versatile.

Each of the 3 optics (lenses) are changeable between spot, flood or wide angle. Choose the combination that works for you.


  • Light-head
  • QR Helmet mount bracket
  • QR Helmet mount (compatible with the GoPro quick release system)
  • Carbon fiber composite QR bar mount
  • 4 cell 6800mAh Li-ion Panasonic battery pack with built-in fuel gauge
  • Li-ion Smart Charger
  • Extension Cable
  • Hex key (for changing mounting brackets)
  • Velcro straps for light and battery mounting
  • Hardshell carrying case
  • Hardware pack
  • One spot, one flood optic, and one wide angle optic


LIGHT HEAD SET INCLUDES: everything above minus the battery and charger. 

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