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Computer / Headlight Mounts

  • $695

Running out of room on your handlebar with that GPS taking up all the space.
Add some extra bar with one of these auxiliary mounts.
Uses less than 1/2" of bar next to the stem.
Allows lights to be centered on the bar.

All models include shims to allow use on a  25.4mm (1"), 26mm, or 31.8mm (1.25")bar diameter

MT-201-P --- The clamp is built of glass filled Nylon. The bar is a plastic tube.  Total weight - 1.5 oz.  40mm of usable bar length.

MT-201 --- The clamp is machined aluminum, the bar is a carbon fiber tube. Total weight - 2.75 oz - 70mm of usable bar length.  Shims are aluminum half shells. Very rigid.

MT-204 --- Uses 2 glass filled nylon brackets and a 150mm (6") carbon fiber tube

MT-205 --- Mounts on your front fork if drilled for a brake. Can fit under your brake if your mounting bolt is long enough. Place it at the rear brake mount to attach the MJ-818 tail light or one of the MJ-808's with a Red Wide Angle Lens to make a killer tail light.

MT-216 --- Replaces your fork tube top cap. Aluminum base and arm with a 2" plastic tube. Total weight - 1.5oz

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