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Serfas USLA-TL60 Guardian USB Tail Light

  • $6000

The USLA-TL60 Guardian USB Tail Light gives you up to 100 lumens for a daytime flash. It has a unique feature that emits an audible beep to warn you when the battery is running low. You can then switch to a lower setting to extend your runtime and the warning will be reset.

How It Works

  • When the battery reaches 10 minutes of runtime, in its current mode, the light will emit a long beep followed immediately by a short beep. Sound will continue every minute.
  • When the power button is pressed it will put the light in the next longest running mode & it will restart the battery low alert until 10 minutes of runtime in the mode is reached. Repeat as necessary. Example: Going from highest mode to lowest mode at first beep could extend runtime up to 5 times.*
  • Light will emit beep sound repeatedly when last minute of runtime in the current mode is reached.
  • While charging the light the power button will blink blue. When full charge is achieved light will beep to notify charging cycle is complete.
  • Light emits a beep when power button is pushed & light goes from mode to mode.


  • "Blast" Audible Warning System Alerts Rider Of Low Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Mounting bracket adapts to the size of the tube. Works on aero seatpost
  • Optional Uni-Rack Adapter Available
  • Includes Backpack Clip
  • 35 Lumen Flash Lasts Up To 14 hrs
  • Solids Modes: High (60 Lumens): 2.25 hrs & Low (35 Lumens): 7.75 hrs
  • Flash Modes: *Daytime Flash (100 Lumens): 4.5 hrs & Low (35 Lumens): 14 hrs
  • Weight: 48 Grams Without Bracket
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable Li-Polymer (replaceable but requires soldering)

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