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Serfas Lights

Serfas has now come out with some excellent new lights that meet our standards for value and reliability. The ones we have here are self-contained, USB rechargeable, have replaceable batteries and live up to their claimed lumen output.
Too many USB lights out there are paper weights once the battery wears out. While only the TSL-950F lets you change the battery on the run, the others can all be replaced by removing a few screws, unplugging the old battery and plugging in a new one. The headlights come with a quick-release handlebar bracket that makes them a good choice for a commuter. They can be adapted to helmet use by adding a Magicshine MJ-6058 helmet mount or the optional Serfas universal helmet mount. (coming soon)
The TST-150 tail light has 9 output settings and the 150 lumen daytime flash makes you highly visible even in bright sunshine.