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Quick Release Bar Mount for Magicshine lights

  • $2395

Quick Release Clamp-on bar mount for Magicshine or Gemini bike lights

If your having trouble with the O-ring mounting system give this 2 part clamp mount a try. The mount replaces the stock O-ring mount on the light. The base securely mounts to your bar and the 2 slide together. Push the release tab to remove. Allows 10 degree side to side adjustment. Fits a large range of handlebars using the included spacers.

Fit MJ-808, MJ-808E, MJ-816, MJ-868, MJ-870, MJ-872, MJ-838, MJ-838B, Gemini Titan, and most Magicshine clones

Does not fit the MJ-880.

Also Available: a matching helmet mount that allows you to quickly switch your light from bar to helmet.

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