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Feedback from our Customers

Posted by Jim Harger on

 Use this space to post feedback about our products and services.

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  • Excellent customer service. Quick diagnosis, fast repair and great communication. Keep up the great work!


    Ken D on
  • Just wanted to say the Action LED Lights did a great job with our order. Thanks so much!! We have a 3.5 day adventure race to do and we ordered from another website that sold Magicshine lights and they said they would ship products within 3 days but they never shipped anything so we needed our order fast. We ordered on Wednesday and received our order on Friday with exactly what we needed for our 78 hour race! Thanks again for such good service!!!

    Jeri Lewis on
  • Very impressed with the service and selection. Really like the web site, very nice. Have had majicshine 808E for over two years and love it! Glad to see a fellow Illini doing such a great job. Look forward to doing biz here.

    Scott Stocking on
  • I ordered the MT-204 om monday Nov 4th, and on friday 8th it arrived. Great quality, fits perfectly, and it only took a business week to get it shipped to Norway! Great work!

    Espen on
  • I ordered the Magic Shine taillight, which is super bright
    and of excellent quality.
    I have two suggestions for product improvement:

    A – Have a screw on mount to be more theft preventable.
    This also is true of the identical mount of my headlight.

    B – Screw-on cable connections would be more secure, as
    my headlight comes with.

    Corky on

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